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Airbrushed Skin

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get the airbrushed look to their skin? Is it because their skin was always like that? Hardly! Believe you me, you should check out YouTube for some scary before and afters of celebrities who’ve been papped without makeup!

The secret isn’t some miracle food they’re eating (although a healthy diet does help, nor is it some miracle cream…the secret is all in the cover up! Here’s our cheat sheet to perfect skin…

Product Of The Week: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit –

This award-winning concealer kit successfully obliterates any and every trace of all night partying and angry zits in a flash! It comes as a creamy concealer and pressed powder so you can set your concealer and you’re done for the day. And the best part is that it doesn’t settle in fine lines accentuate them if you have any. The formula itself is genius – moisture infused so it stays fresh and never looks cakey or cause your skin to dry out. A definite must-have!

And now you have the concealing sorted, here’s how you can cheat your way to airbrushed perfection…

1. Prep Your Skin Smooth! Start the right way by gently exfoliating skin with a super gentle scrub such as Simple Scrub which is perfect for all skin types, or use a gentle face cloth with a cleansing balm such as Eve Lom’s legendary Cleanser – pricey, but worth it!

2. Hydrate: Now use a good moisturiser for a smooth finish and don’t forget the eye cream. We love Olay Complete moisturizer for fuss-free smoothing. Finish with Avon Anew Clinical Eye cream to lift, tighten and smooth your under-eye area for a rested look.

3. Prep Your Canvas: Laura Mercier Face Primer is a makeup bag staple to even the skin out, diminish pores, give an even finish and hold your makeup firmly in place. Now apply L’Oreal True Match Foundation for a perfectly flawless everyday look without looking done…

Or try a BB cream such as Garnier BB cream which is affordable AND fantastic!

4. Work Those Flaws Invisible: Now apply Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer kit to your undereye area to brighten, as well as corners of your nose, cupids bow and over any marks and blemishes. Blend in using a brush, especially if covering spots.

Top Tip: Apply concealer AFTER foundation if you are concealing spots or the act of applying the foundation will rub off the concealer! You can apply before foundation if you are just doing the eyes as you should not be putting foundation under the eye area!

5. Set Your Handy Work! Now set your handy work with a super light dusting of Cornsilk or Rimmel Match Perfection face powder. Brush away excess with a large kabuki brush and you’re ready for your other makeup.

So that’s it! 5 EASY steps to flawless skin!

Until next time

New Twitter page!

Hey all, finally set up my new Twitter page.  Follow me or tweet me @HnMbyAnia.  I’m deciding on whether or not I should set up a new WordPress site, strictly for my Hair and Makeup Business?

What do you think? Keep business away from personal? I love beauty and love sending out tips to all my fans… but who wants to hear about my personal thoughts, when they’re interested in my Hair n Makeup thoughts. RIght? 




Blue Louboutin


So we all know how expensive these heels are.  I must add, they have every right to be but I’ve found the most amazing way to knock off these overly priced gorg shoes. They’re stickers by Rosso Solini!  

Why spend 300$ when you can make the exact shoe yourself.

Unbelievable, these people. 


Haven’t been on much

I treat this site more as a personal diary rather than blogging, but it’s been a very hectic time in the past couple of months. There has just not been enough time for anything and with school finishing up, I had to focus more on school and my lessons rather than putting up more information on my page. I love looking up my page and seeing what happened a year ago, let’s say.  So I’ve decided I have to come back sooner or later and I will I promise, maybe not as often but I’ll try to get as close as possible.

Weekend is over 😦 the new week begins and we’ll move forward from there.

We have to…


Hip Hop Abs

So today is the day, I am coming out of work and going immediately home and working on the hip hop abs.. enough of this already.. I want to work switching between the gym, insanity and hip hop abs.. its a variety like no other.. and best part of all I have all the room I need- in my bedroom.

Can’t wait to start it- there will be a difference to be seen and that’s for sure!



Coolest co-worker

On top Mama Tut being the coolest mom around having her son in the Iconic group that danced in ABDC. She also is very giving n loving- a motherly characteristic. She came up to me and gave me her CBS family card so on the 3 or 4th of December I will get 30%off any purchase made in CVS!
Love it! Thanks Mama Tut

Blackberry for Tomala

So just a lil update, my hubby finally got his blackberry 9930! It awesome(for him) :).
He loves we woke up and immediately he took his cell and is playing with it… I love that he is finally reachable by email by text by chat I just love it woohoo
It only took him 2 years! No biggie he he
Till next time…

New shoes

Who doesn’t love new shoes- went to belittling hubby and got my new pair- I absolutely love them!



P.T. Rolls Arts and Crafts Project

It’s amazing how many things can be made from recyclable items. I have gathered many paper towel rolls and will be collecting egg cartons as well to plan out a super duper arts and crafts project for the kids.

It’s a great way of reusing recyclables and being smart with the environment!! It’s exciting to recreate something that could have been trash.