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App for advertising/marketing design- Is there an “app for that”?


So I am searching for an app, maybe someone can assist me here. I need to form a business card for my boss.  I am sure “there’s an app for that”.  I am looking for an app to use on my mac book, not cell phone nor ipad.  I would also like to set up logos with this app, invitations, brochures, newsletters would be helpful to have on this as well.

Does anyone know of an app for something of this nature. I basically need an advertisement creator… but I searched that and can’t seem to find anything. I am pretty computer savvy but for some reason there is nothing quite what I’m looking for. I know of the “pages” app, but want to hear if anyone know of anything else similar.

This may be asking for too much in one, but if it was free (or close to it) that would be ideal!

Thanks for the site visit and hopefully I’ll get some answers…



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Coolest co-worker

On top Mama Tut being the coolest mom around having her son in the Iconic group that danced in ABDC. She also is very giving n loving- a motherly characteristic. She came up to me and gave me her CBS family card so on the 3 or 4th of December I will get 30%off any purchase made in CVS!
Love it! Thanks Mama Tut

New position? Old position?

Well it’s Monday 0801 11 and I’ve gone back to my previous position as a receptionist. In a way it’s almost like being demoted but at the same time promoted- because now I have that many more task to take on. I’m responsible for all that the receptionist is and at the same time I am taking on all the projects one could get.

Currently I am working on so many things I feel it’ll help if I list everything out here:

  • Mail
  • Distributing mail
  • Filing- Steve, Rachel & Delores…
  • Governing Documents – setting up all the files (on the 3rd cab)
  • Setting up new folders, proposals,
  • Carol’s filing
  • Premier orders

when does it end?




Oh so Busy @ Work, Not!

So bored at work, that I don’t even know what to do, it’s the last hour and of course we are dead, no one is here in the office therefore it is so quite and no presssure put on anyone! I just want the day to be over. I’m so beat anyway. It’s Friday, tomorrow is Polish School, gotta get prepared:

Things to do for today:

Update Ipod with calendar (polish school calendar of days off and any further special events, etc)

Update photo album of photos of my kids for polish school

Write out a letter to my student’s parents, with regards to bringing in the new books for next class.

Purchase BLIND SIDE Movie!

Cancel Retro Fitness gym membership! It’s completely pointless, you’re paying and you’re not even using it! WTF!!!

It’s 3:45, just killed hmm, 10 min.. wow! What to do with the next hour of work?! WTF!

I just want to go home now!!!  Which I think I might!

email to co-workers..

Just to have on file, I wrote an email to all co-workers in regards to school schedule .  This is the email to notify the paralegal, administrator & administrator’ s assistant of my leaving early. ..

The Fall 2010 semester has begun and unfortunately there will be two classes that will be interfering with my full-time work schedule.

 Tuesdays & Friday I have a two o’clock class which will have me running out of here by one pm.  Therefore, the mail will have to be dropped off by someone else at the end of the day.

Sorry for the inconvenience all.







I remodeled my desk a bit, instead of the big bulky calendar that I used befor I condensed in size and used a clear desk protector to hide paper that I use on a day to day basis. N my calendar is condensed in size as well (simply printed out a monthly calendar) n this way I have more space to store my important papers underneath the protector. I really like my new desk!! Love it actually!

Work and then.. who knows?!

As of right now, 2:49pm I am still at work just came back from an hour and 20 min lunch (oops).  Carol’s not in today so it’s all good… tehe… . Currently plans for to do at work are:

  • grab Fran so he can sign all the checks that have been made by Carol
  • order Premier Supplies, Cartridges, labels, etc…
  • print postage on all mail- send it out.. and be out. gotta run to the store today to find maybe some new supplies- so that will be great.. always can never have enough of new apparel of course!!
  • tonight: plans are to go out with my second love Ania
  • tomorrow: my Sylwia’s Birthday party..

ciekawe co to bedzie za weekend.. for today I definitely need to clean the house and maybe make some normal food for me and Rykus!.. at least one day out of the week..  Then I gotta think of a project for my kids for Polish school.. hmm wat to do .. what to do ?

Maybe I’ll go on a search now to figure out what I will do tomorrow- the more activities the faster time will pass. It will be great!

Gotta run- searching new arts & Crafts projects.. ttyl (will be back with ideas) ..

love always Ania

love me

My desk





This is my desk @ work…
So much stamping, scanning, stapling, clipping, sending, filing, and wiritng to do….
Ahhh the pleasures of a career: never enough hours in the day!
I love life 😉
Outa here @ 5 then class till 7 then chilling w my ania?! We see


Grono Pedagogiczne z Polskiej Szkoly ZPA

Event sponsored by the United Poles in America ZPA at the ZPA Hall in Perth Amboy, NJ.  

There was supposed to be an show presented by our students of the polish school but, it was canceled on behalf of the tragedy that occured in Russia with the loss of all our most importannt politicians, government officials and of course the great loss of our Polish president along with his wife: Lech & Maria Kaczynski.

Just a couple of Pics.(only stayed for an hour since I had to leave for NYC right after) So I only took 3 photos.  Still, as always, a great pleasure to be in the Polish School sitting next to very intelligent teachers who really work hard to make that difference in their students patriotism and pride in culture and heritage!

Moja ukochana Elunia

Grono Pedagogiczne z Polskiej Szkoly ZPA

Klasa IV i Kl. przedszkolna