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App for advertising/marketing design- Is there an “app for that”?


So I am searching for an app, maybe someone can assist me here. I need to form a business card for my boss.  I am sure “there’s an app for that”.  I am looking for an app to use on my mac book, not cell phone nor ipad.  I would also like to set up logos with this app, invitations, brochures, newsletters would be helpful to have on this as well.

Does anyone know of an app for something of this nature. I basically need an advertisement creator… but I searched that and can’t seem to find anything. I am pretty computer savvy but for some reason there is nothing quite what I’m looking for. I know of the “pages” app, but want to hear if anyone know of anything else similar.

This may be asking for too much in one, but if it was free (or close to it) that would be ideal!

Thanks for the site visit and hopefully I’ll get some answers…



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Android Applications

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 a Must- See! Gotta definitely install some of these apps, where was I earlier?

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