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Donate your magazines

Are you like me? where right after you’ve read a magazine you’ve purchased or ordered you shove in the first empty space you get?

Later after going through your magazines you realize they date back to almost a year ago or even more!?

This is insane!

Unless you plan on beginning some kind of scrap book of things that motivate you/ interest you/ plan to buy…

you better get rid of those magazines in a decent manner.

You have two options…

1. Recycle them! Save those trees! Let’s not waste all that paper!

2.  Donate them!  You can donate your old magazines to charity. 

I’ve recently found out that my YMCA is creating a drive collecting old magazines and providing them for our troops overseas!

Look up “donating magazines in [your zip code]” and they may be collecting somewhere right by you.  Besides doing a good deed, you’ll feel like you’ve reached out to those in need… and no one can take that from you!

It’s an awesome feeling

Make a move forward

you never know who you could be helping by something as simple as donating.



What a weekend it was.. it all started from Thursday .. as they all em down the shore .. Thirsty THursday.. that’s the night everyone comes out to chill and drink! So my boo and I decided to hit up his bar (Beacon Street Grill & Stekak House) and chill there for a bit.  It was a great night.. took lots of pics.. I sang a few songs- it was fun definitely!!! I sang at the Karaoke: I will Survive and La Isla Bonita; the two songs I sing on my own anyway so i had it good.. well I’ve been asked to upload those pics asap – so I gotta do that today .. figure i’d post them up here too while i’m at it..

tak a nd look and see.. we had loads of fun.. my boo had a few drinks as well and we just had a really good time.. good memories.. love the croud… drama free just a really good ass time..laughs jokes and lots of singing.. aiight!!

My Lover

Friday my day was pretty normal had to go to the 7th grade graduation… I was out till 1  singing at the graduatio then went to ania’s .. a hectic night.. hearing alot of not so great things.. not very fond of that conversation…. all i know is my mouth is shut .. nobody will get into my shit.. that’s it… it’s done!!… anyway  of course my phone had to die as it always does…. and well it caused a bit of drama w the boo but we all good..

Saturday .. was the last official day of class for the school year, next saturday will be official graduation for all students… can’t wait my kids will be saying a lot of poems this year.. can’t wait for that to happen it’s going to be such a great day.. my parents wil be so proud of my kids..

After class i ran home, grabbed money and drove to walmart to get shirts for the boys from my band i was supposed to make shirt with our band’s name on the backs (i was planning on doing it with the iron on transfer sheets) which i boought and everything worked pretty well, but then when it actually came down to the printing… things were not so great… it just did not want to print for me.. for some reason and well i was playing with this shit till about 3 o’clock until i realized.. omg i have to be at pawels by 4pm.. crazy (as usual i was late) y can’t i just ever make it anywhere on time except work../??? grrrr.. well we had a comunion at 6pm and we were there by 4:30 with everything set up by 5:50; it was awesome timing.. i had a wonderful time. I was the first to come into the house and the last to leave (around 2:40) i left their house.. wow- time flew, don’t know how or when!!!It was a great time but the worst part of all was my voice… my voice was so shot from firday night that saturday i doubled the damage.. still to this day it’s in really bad shape.. damn..

Well today is Sunday and i wanted to finally come on and write down what i’ve been going through the past couple of days.. and today was the best day of all… It’s sunday: Mother’s Day and well let’s just say MAMA had a surprise of a lifetime!!  We all hit the sheets at around 3:30/4 (dad was in bed by the time i got home already) just me and moms.. and were the first two to  wake up- awoken by the doorbell that rang twice this morning. ITS THE FLOWER GUY (FROM FED EX) DELIVERING FLOWERS FROM PROFLOWERS( THE ONES I SAID I ORDER in my earlier post) THey are so gorgeous but they come in box with a vase and the flowers are not ripened yet- they have not fully bloomed therefore to me at first i thought it this was the wrong order, but then after reading into the instructions guidelines it states that these flowers are freshly cut and will still bloom- which i think is lovely, therefore the flowers will live longer in our home !! YAY.. it really is a gorgeous bouquet can’t wait for them to fully bloom!!


Grono Pedagogiczne z Polskiej Szkoly ZPA

Event sponsored by the United Poles in America ZPA at the ZPA Hall in Perth Amboy, NJ.  

There was supposed to be an show presented by our students of the polish school but, it was canceled on behalf of the tragedy that occured in Russia with the loss of all our most importannt politicians, government officials and of course the great loss of our Polish president along with his wife: Lech & Maria Kaczynski.

Just a couple of Pics.(only stayed for an hour since I had to leave for NYC right after) So I only took 3 photos.  Still, as always, a great pleasure to be in the Polish School sitting next to very intelligent teachers who really work hard to make that difference in their students patriotism and pride in culture and heritage!

Moja ukochana Elunia

Grono Pedagogiczne z Polskiej Szkoly ZPA

Klasa IV i Kl. przedszkolna