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Donate your magazines

Are you like me? where right after you’ve read a magazine you’ve purchased or ordered you shove in the first empty space you get?

Later after going through your magazines you realize they date back to almost a year ago or even more!?

This is insane!

Unless you plan on beginning some kind of scrap book of things that motivate you/ interest you/ plan to buy…

you better get rid of those magazines in a decent manner.

You have two options…

1. Recycle them! Save those trees! Let’s not waste all that paper!

2.  Donate them!  You can donate your old magazines to charity. 

I’ve recently found out that my YMCA is creating a drive collecting old magazines and providing them for our troops overseas!

Look up “donating magazines in [your zip code]” and they may be collecting somewhere right by you.  Besides doing a good deed, you’ll feel like you’ve reached out to those in need… and no one can take that from you!

It’s an awesome feeling

Make a move forward

you never know who you could be helping by something as simple as donating.

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